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Many Australian businesses sell a one-time product or service, e.g. Solar Panels, Shutters and Blinds, Home Renovations, rather than having a lot of recurring business from the same customer.
Each time you make a sale you have to find that new customer. This requires big effort and expenditure on marketing/advertising and sales people.
You surely have dedicated sales team, upon whom you totally rely.  You might be the sole sales person, even.
Actually you have a much larger sales team, i.e. your existing customers.  You probably ask them to do Google Reviews etc (if not - shame - let us help show you how).
BUT ... what's in it for THEM?  Why should they spend their time promoting your business?
You can't pay customers to do Google Reviews, of course.  You CAN, however, reward them for successful referrals.  All you need is a mechanism, and we have one for you.  We can help you recruit these "sales people", then manage the way you reward them.

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